DIY Ice Packs!


Having children and packing their lunch requires an ice pack. But what if the ice pack is lost, or breaks? Instead of buying a new ice pack make one! Not only will it save money but it is also reusable!

Items you’ll need:

New cleaning sponge.

Ziplock bag, big enough to fit the sponge.



Wet sponge.

Place in Ziplock bag.

Place in freezer.




Items you’ll need:

Ziplock bag.

Dawn dish soap.


Fill a Ziplock bag about 1/2-3/4 full with dish soap.

Try to get as much air out before you completely seal.


You will be able to mold it around your injury.

That’s it. And as much as my kids get bumps it saves tons of money. I have multiple packs in my freezer.