Other Uses For Chapstick!













You can apply medicated ChapStick to blisters to eliminate pain and promote quicker healing. You can also use ChapStick to avoid getting blisters by applying to sensitive areas on feet or heels to prevent friction buildup.

Chafed Skin:

Applying ChapStick liberally to chafed areas not only stops the friction causing the chafing, but also helps promote healing due to its medicinal ingredients.


Applying ChapStick to corns can help ease the pain by softening the hard, thickened skin.

Eye Brows:

Applying a tiny amount of ChapStick to eyebrows will keep them in place all day long.

Mosquito and Bug Bites:

A quick dot of ChapStick over a mosquito or insect bite will relieve itching.

Ring Removal:

ChapStick works great for removing rings that are stuck. Simply apply ChapStick around the ring and the finger and it will slide right off.

Rust Prevention:

To prevent gardening tools or scissors from locking up or rusting, simply apply a thin layer of ChapStick

Shoe Polish:

Need a quick last minute shoe polish? Apply some ChapStick – a quick buff and you are ready to go!

Shaving Cuts:

ChapStick is the perfect quick easy solution for nicks and cuts caused by shaving. It will stop the bleeding quickly.

Sore Nose:

ChapStick is great for helping to heal irritated skin under a sore nose caused by colds. Try applying a thin coat on sore areas a few times a day as needed.


Applying some ChapStick to a stuck or hard-to-close zipper will have it moving up and down with extreme ease.
Prevent car battery corrosion:

Smear ChapStick on clean car battery terminals.

Moisturize skin:

Rubbing ChapStick on your face protects the skin from windburn while snow skiing.

Lubricate nails and screws:

Nails and screws rubbed with ChapStick will go into wood more easily.

Lubricate furniture drawers and windows:

Rub ChapStick on the casters of drawers and windows so they slide open and shut easily.

Prevent hair coloring from dying your skin:

Rub ChapStick along your hairline before coloring your hair.

Make Up Make-up:

Ladies-use ChapStick or lip balm as a base with your favorite powered eye shadow or make-up and make a cream-shadow or even foundation.

Tame Wild Hairs:

Have some stubborn fly-aways? ChapStick is wax-based and will help tame your wild mane.

Keep Your Shoes Tied:

Coat the part of the shoelaces that you loop with ChapStick to keep them from coming undone.

Repair a Scratched CD:

Spread a thin layer of ChapStick over a scratch on your CD and it will stop it from skipping.

Other Uses For Dryer Sheets!

Used dryer sheets can knock the dust off nearly any surface, including furniture, blinds, car interiors, baseboards/molding.

Tuck some in your picnic basket or under lawn furniture to repel bees.

Tuck a few fabric-sheets in your drawers to keep that ‘just-washed’ smell.

Throw one in your dirty clothes hamper to prevent any rampant, residual odors from escaping into your bedroom.

Pat your self with a sheet to combat static on your clothes, stockings, and even long hair!

When you finish drying a load, hold on to the dryer sheet, and wipe down the inside of your dryer’s drum, your lint trap, the outside of your washing machine and dryer, and scrub away any excess or spilt laundry detergent.

Simply wet your car down, and use a dryer sheet to scrub away carnage with ease.

The cling of a dryer sheet is perfect to wipe up pet hair from your furniture, or even your own hair from your bathroom.

Toss a dryer sheet in the toes of your shoes to minimize odors and prolong the just-purchased smell.

Place a few dryer sheets in between items in your suitcase to keep both your clothes fresh and to prevent your items from picking up any mustiness from old luggage.

Use dryer sheets to add texture to cards, scrapbooks, etc.

Keep your used dryer sheets in your diaper bag, and roll one up in the diaper to prevent odors before you have to chance to throw it away.

Soak cookware with burnt or baked-on food in warm water, with a dryer sheet or two.

Soak your used paintbrushes in warm water with a dryer sheet, and that pesky latex paint will come off in under a minute.

Roll up a dryer sheet in your toilet paper roll.

Use a dryer sheet to store your needles while threaded to keep them from tangling, for paper piecing whilst you quilt, and for backing for embroidery.

Use dryer sheets to keep out mice, skunks, squirrels, rats, etc.

Stash dryer sheets under your car seats and floor mats, and in your glove box and trunk for fresh scents as you travel.

Place a dryer sheet in your vacuum bag or dust containment unit.

Tuck dryer sheets in your rarely used items such as luggage, camping gear, sports equipment, or specialty craft or kitchen items to prevent the inevitable smells of basements, attics, and garages.

Take crayon off walls!

Clean out a tar-like substance from sink.

Use a dryer sheet on your brush.

They also remove hard-water spots on glass shower door beautifully.

They work wonderful to clean the bottom of a sticky iron.  Just a little water on the dryer sheet to make it damp, and use it to clean the bottom of the iron.